The Cynical Spoon

...because some of us are more "worrier" than "warrior".


What the f**k does a spoon have to do with anything?

Please click here if you aren't familiar with the "Spoon Theory" by Christine Miserandino.

Ok. So you're sick. Why are you cynical? Have you tried being more positive?

Sure have. But guess what? Being chronically ill kind of sucks. I personally use dark (daaaarkkkkk) humor + sarcasm to get me through hard days. I have so much respect for people who "look on the bright side" and even more for those who run inspirational and uplifting shops dedicated to the chronically ill. But...inspirational and uplifting aren't really my schtick.

So what's the deal here?

Well...I saw a hole and I decided to fill it (#thatswhatshesaid). I want to raise awareness for chronic illness and disability--my way. I'll be starting small, with funny/sarcastic awareness tees and tanks. Eventually, I hope to branch out to a full line of spoonie friendly clothing, including adaptive wear for wheelchair users.

**Spoon pictured was created for me by the wonderful Wingostarr Jewelry, at the behest of the world's coolest BFF.**

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